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Cool products help Moms (and Dads) keep their cool during summer’s hot days.

It’s summertime in Mississippi and that means just one thing: it’s unbearably hot. Venturing outside the cool confines of your home with a baby in tow often seems like an impossible task. But, let’s face it, there are times when it’s necessary to secure the baby in an infant carrier, get into a hot car and take a short or long trip. Doctor’s visits, supermarket runs when the sitter’s not available and the last beach trip of summer are just a few of the reasons to pack up and go, even when the normal inclination is to stay cocooned inside a cool house.

However, there are many baby products on the market that make Mom (and Dad’s!) life easier, especially when venturing out into the heat. Two amazing products that have already proven to be lifesavers for parents, grandparents and baby are the amazing Sprout Shell and the arm-saving Padalily (at left).

Protecting your precious bundle from the glaring sun and heat while in the infant carrier is a necessity during these hot days. The Sprout Shell fits snugly over the carrier to protect your baby from the elements and germs while out in public, yet it is designed with a viewing space to allow you to see your baby at all times. Made of durable, yet stylish cotton in a variety of colors and prints, Sprout Shell doubles as a shopping cart cover, restaurant high chair cover and even a nursing cover-up for mom. This adorable, versatile product will quickly become one you can’t live without.

And yes, we believe every truly great baby product is designed by a mom! One of our favorite products, Padalily, fits that description. At first glance, it looks like a stylish decoration for an infant carrier, but after using it for five minutes, you’ll quickly realize it’s more than that … it’s a life (or arm) saver! This comfy padded handle cushion attaches quickly with Velcro and makes carrying the car seat more comfortable and easier to carry. Padalily comes in many stylish fabrics and trims, and best of all, it’s reversible. There’s a simple reason Padalily is the called the "must-have" for all new moms – after carrying your infant carrier for five minutes, you’ll decide you simply “must have” a Padalily.

These are just two of the one-of-a-kind items that our good friends at Nursery Rhymes carry that will make your life easier, allowing you to relax and focus on enjoying every minute with your baby. In future blogs, we’ll tell you about the latest products, clothing, services and sales available at this great store in Jackson. Have you been to Nursery Rhymes, and do you have any favorite items? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

Yes, summertime in Mississippi is hot, but after shopping at Nursery Rhymes for your baby or toddler, you’ll soon change your motto to: “It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy!”

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